Registration starts on October 30th and continues until all 40 spots are reserved. We may be able to extend the team cap to 52 or 56 teams, but until then institutions can only register three teams.

The reg fee is € 30 per person and covers food and accommodation. It is not compulsory to send judges, however you are invited to do so.

We will ask you to either pay the registration fee via bank transfer or provide us with sufficient proof that you are coming (e.g. tickets, statements from your parents) within four weeks after your registration. Otherwise we will not be able to secure your spot.

Early Registration is a service for those who want to book as soon as possible. Register now, get your spot confirmed, start booking!

To register, send an Email to with the following information: Institution, number of teams, number of judges, and contact details. We will then confirm your spot as fast as possible so you can figure out how to get here.

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