Getting Here

Viennese people believe to live in the center of Europe. And back one hundred years ago, when Vienna was the fourth biggest city in the world that may have even had its legitimacy.

However, major European transportation routes still pass through Vienna, making it easy for you to come at a reasonable time and price.


Coming by plane

There usually are cheap flights to Vienna International Airport from all major European cities. If you book early enough your flight should not cost more than € 80 return.

If you live near a Ryanair hub check out flights to Bratislava. From there you can take the bus to Vienna, which takes about one hour and costs € 7. Bratislava is also worth a visit, from the city center you can take a train or the ferry (€ 10, one hour).

Coming by train

Night trains arrive in Vienna from all directions, whether it’s Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Kiev or Belgrade, it’s cheap and not uncomfortable.

There are also faster, but more expensive high speed train connections, mainly to Budapest, Zurich, Munich and Frankfurt.

For schedules check the Deutsche Bahn.

Coming by bus

Especially coming from eastern Europe this may be the best option.

However, information on the internet is not always easy to find. Check with your local bus station.

Coming by car

Gas prices are still among the cheapest in Europe, and covered parking can be found for as low as € 3 per night. To find out where check out this article of ours.

Coming by ship

If you do want to make your journey to Vienna an epic one and have no problem with being sandwiched between old people, check out a Danube cruise.

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