Because we all know how important good adjudication is both for your learning process and that the right teams break we not only got great CAs but also invited lots of experienced adjudicators to Vienna.



  • Isabelle Loewe

Isa was the ESL Champion at Euros 2006. She has judged the open break finals at Euros 2010 and Worlds 2011. She was a DCA of Euros 2008 and is now a prospective DCA of Belgrade Euros 2012.

  • Manos Moschopoulos

Manos was the Best ESL Speaker at Worlds 2010 and an ESL finalist at Euros 2010. He was also an ESL finalist at the Cambridge IV. He is the prospective ACA of Belgrade Euros 2012.


  • Maja Cimerman

Maja is the current European ESL champion, winning the title in Amsterdam. She also spoke at the ESL final in this year’s Worlds in Botswana.


  • Derek Lande (Cork), CA, Worlds 2009
  • Michael Shapira (Haifa), ESL Champion, Worlds 2011
  • Filip Dobranić (Ljubljana), ESL Champion, Euros 2011
  • Kimon Ioannides (Athens), ESL Finalist, Euros 2010
  • Milan Vignjevic (Belgrade), prospective convenor, Euros 2012
  • Ben Gladnikoff (Stockholm), CA, Israeli English Cup 2010
  • Marko Cirovic (Belgrade), ESL Quarter-Finalist, Euros 2011
  • Urska Derganc (Ljubljana), ESL Semi-Finalist, Euros 2007
  • Lio Kaufman (Glamorgan), Finalist Berlin 2009
  • Gudrun Lux (Bonn) Winner, German Championships 2007
  • Marietta Gädeke (Mainz) Winner, German Championships 2007

Judging the finals were: Maja, Isa, Gudrun, Manos, Micheal, Filip and Leonhard

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