Accommodation and Socials

You will be accommodated mostly in twin bed rooms at the youth hostel Brigittenau, just three subway stops from the preliminary rounds. There is free wifi and no curfew.

It is easy to reach from the airport by S-Bahn 7 in 35 minutes, the trip costs just € 3.60 or € 1.80 if you already have a ticket for the city. Parking is available for € 12 per day (although you’ll probably be better off parking somewhere else) and all major credit cards are accepted.


Social 1: City Tour

Jakob will take you through a short trip of Vienna on Friday in the morning!

Social 2: Schnitzel and Beer

It’s the great reunion! Enjoy Vienna’s fine Schnitzel (choice of pork or turkey) with fries, potatoes, rice or salad together with a cool Krügerl beer while we’ll all be happy to see each other again. Of course a vegetarian alternative will also be served.

Social 3: Break Night!

Drinks will be cheap, the night will be long. ‘Nuff said.

Social 4: Debate Tram

In between the semis and the glorious final, lunch will be served in a tram that takes you all around Vienna’s city center and beyond for a one hour tour of our imperial hometown.

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