Our Proud Sponsors

We are proud to announce Baker & McKenzie – Diwok Hermann Petsche as our key partner. Without their enormous contribution to Vienna IV this tournament could not be in existence. Vienna IV in addition marks the begin of an enduring and prosperous cooperation between Baker & McKenzie and Debattierklub Wien.


We are also delighted to have on board Austria’s leading newspaper, Die Presse, as our media partner. Die Presse was already our media partner at our debate seminar last year, which attracted 40 students to a full day workshop and a tournament. We are glad to see this partnership continued.


The Vienna University of Economics and Business has been our home ever since our foundation in 2004 and we are pleased to see them as committed to Vienna IV as we are.

The University of Vienna already granted us access to their prestigious Main Ceremonial Hall at last year’s ZEIT DEBATTE. Their president, Georg Winckler, was an active debater at Princeton University.


Adding great value for you is Senseo, sending a coffee bar that will make great coffee available to you all day during saturday as well as sunday.

Refreshing you during our rounds will be Coca-Cola Austria and Römerquelle.

The Austrian bakery Ströck is supporting you as a caterer, serving your stomach as well as your taste buds.

Providing you with free beer after the debates will be Heineken, giving you the pleasure you deserve after six full rounds of great debates.

Last but not least Red Bull will be quickening your performance!

Also supporting us is the Vienna Tourist Board.

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