Parking and Getting Around in Vienna

If you are coming to Vienna by car you have multiple options.

Even though covered parking is available at the hostel, we do want to point out other options as € 12 per day is quite a high price. Uncovered parking is only available for those with a parking ticket, which is sneakily not indicated anywhere. You can get the parking tickets at gas stations and “Traffiken”, which are tobacco shops. Only on Sundays and after 10pm you can park anywhere for free.

Free uncovered parking is available in the districts 10 to 19 and 21 to 23, with the hostel being in district 20. Feel free to park there, but be aware that Vienna is just another city on the Balkans.

Cheap covered parking can be found at the Gasometer in the 11th district. The daily fee is € 3 and the Gasometer is connected to the city by the subway U3.

Getting around Vienna is not recommended by car. Parking spots are rate, expensive and unlike when using public transportation you are likely to get caught when not paying.

Check out CityBike. If you register with your credit card you can use their bikes for free for one hour. Every additional hour costs € 1. Just pick up your bike at one of the many bike stations around our venues.

You can also walk. The venues are not too far apart.

If you plan to use public transportation and also plan to be honest about paying either get a ticket yourself (which is the cheapest option if you stay in Vienna for more than three days) or obtain a ticket through us. A unlimited pass valid from Friday to Sunday will cost you € 6.45. However, please notify us early about it through email.

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