Colgate wins Vienna IV 2011!

The first Vienna IV has taken place: The Winners are Austin Schwartz and Travis Steele from Team Colgate Extra White , who competed on 6th March at the Großer Festsaal of University of Vienna against Teams from Germany, Turkey and Serbia.

The teams:

  • Colgate Extra White (Opening Government): Austin Schwartz, Travis Steele
  • Galatasaray Ottomans (Opening Opposition): Engin Arıkan, Denizhan Kılıç
  • Heidelberg Early Blossom (Closing Government): Jan Lüken, Marcus Ewald
  • Belgrade Tik Tok (Closing Opposition): Goran Jankuloski, Tijana Mijalković

The motion:
This house believes that parties’ electoral campaigns should only be funded by the state.

The Winners of Vienna IV 2011: Austin Schwartz & Travis Steele from Team Colgate Extra Weiss

The Winners of Vienna IV 2011: Austin Schwartz & Travis Steele from Team Colgate Extra White

Chief Adjudicators were Isabelle Loewe (Debattierclub Bonn), Manos Moschopoulos (Athens) and Maja Cimerman (Ljubljana).

The adjudication panel joined furthermore:

-          Michael Shapira (Haifa)
-          Leonhard Weese (Debattierklub Wien)
-          Gudrun Lux (Debattierclub Bonn)
-          Filip Muki Dobranic (Ljubljana)

We thank our great adjudicators for their efforts and also the debaters for providing a high quality debate at this final.

Thanks to everyone, that helped, contributed and came to participate at Vienna IV 2011!

To watch the recorded Finals, click this.
To see the Speaker tab, click that.
To see the Team Tab, click the other.

Pictures can be looked at here.

See you next year at Vienna IV 2012!!

P.s. more reports or photos will follow on

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Livestream of the Finals

Update: Check out the recordings!



Winner Announcement:

One of the Semifinals and the Grand Final will be streamed live from the Festival Hall of the University of Vienna! Watch the debates here or directly on our uStream channel.

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

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The Great Final

Everyone is invited to the Great Final! There is no entrance fee, registration is not required.

For more information about debating and Debattierklub Wien click here (German).

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Barbara Prammer, President of the Austrian Parliament, supports Vienna IV

© Parlamentsdirektion / Mike Ranz

© Parlamentsdirektion / Mike Ranz

Barbara Prammer, President of the Austrian parliament is taking up patronage for Vienna IV. We are glad to see the head of our parliament supporting us.

Mrs. Prammer, who is an ardent supporter of debating, already acted as patron of last year’s ZEIT DEBATTE in Vienna. We are very happy about her renewed commitment and would like to thank her very much for her support.

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Getting to the Hostel

Yay! You’re about to make your trip to Vienna! You can go directly to the hostel, check in and drop your stuff. You can check in from 1:30 pm until late at night.

If you are ever lost, either ask the friendly and usually English speaking citizens of Vienna, or find the next bus or tram stop. It has a map.


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Our Proud Sponsors

We are proud to announce Baker & McKenzie – Diwok Hermann Petsche as our key partner. Without their enormous contribution to Vienna IV this tournament could not be in existence. Vienna IV in addition marks the begin of an enduring and prosperous cooperation between Baker & McKenzie and Debattierklub Wien.


We are also delighted to have on board Austria’s leading newspaper, Die Presse, as our media partner. Die Presse was already our media partner at our debate seminar last year, which attracted 40 students to a full day workshop and a tournament. We are glad to see this partnership continued.


The Vienna University of Economics and Business has been our home ever since our foundation in 2004 and we are pleased to see them as committed to Vienna IV as we are.

The University of Vienna already granted us access to their prestigious Main Ceremonial Hall at last year’s ZEIT DEBATTE. Their president, Georg Winckler, was an active debater at Princeton University.


Adding great value for you is Senseo, sending a coffee bar that will make great coffee available to you all day during saturday as well as sunday.

Refreshing you during our rounds will be Coca-Cola Austria and Römerquelle.

The Austrian bakery Ströck is supporting you as a caterer, serving your stomach as well as your taste buds.

Providing you with free beer after the debates will be Heineken, giving you the pleasure you deserve after six full rounds of great debates.

Last but not least Red Bull will be quickening your performance!

Also supporting us is the Vienna Tourist Board.

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Parking and Getting Around in Vienna

If you are coming to Vienna by car you have multiple options.

Even though covered parking is available at the hostel, we do want to point out other options as € 12 per day is quite a high price. Uncovered parking is only available for those with a parking ticket, which is sneakily not indicated anywhere. You can get the parking tickets at gas stations and “Traffiken”, which are tobacco shops. Only on Sundays and after 10pm you can park anywhere for free.

Free uncovered parking is available in the districts 10 to 19 and 21 to 23, with the hostel being in district 20. Feel free to park there, but be aware that Vienna is just another city on the Balkans.

Cheap covered parking can be found at the Gasometer in the 11th district. The daily fee is € 3 and the Gasometer is connected to the city by the subway U3.

Getting around Vienna is not recommended by car. Parking spots are rate, expensive and unlike when using public transportation you are likely to get caught when not paying.

Check out CityBike. If you register with your credit card you can use their bikes for free for one hour. Every additional hour costs € 1. Just pick up your bike at one of the many bike stations around our venues.

You can also walk. The venues are not too far apart.

If you plan to use public transportation and also plan to be honest about paying either get a ticket yourself (which is the cheapest option if you stay in Vienna for more than three days) or obtain a ticket through us. A unlimited pass valid from Friday to Sunday will cost you € 6.45. However, please notify us early about it through email.

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Registration opening Oct 30th

Getting to Vienna can be quite cheap, if you book early.

And because we want to provide you with the opportunity to book early, we are opening registration on Oct 30th. We will confirm your spot as soon as possible.

However, this also means we will ask you for either making the payment or providing us with proof of your arrival four weeks after the registration.

Details on registration can be found here.

We have also updated the schedule, adjudication, accommodation, getting here and posted pictures of the locations.

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Welcome on the page of the Vienna IV 2011.

As time went on, you will find all Informations about the Tournament on this page.

We are really looking forward.

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